Inside the Royal Albert Hall with Flo Schroeder


Flo Schroeder take us behind the scenes of one of the most famous venues in the world: The Royal Albert Hall.


London’s prestigious concert venue and historic site, the Royal Albert Hall brings world-renowned performers to its auditorium each week to play to audiences of over 5,000. Situated just moments from The Milestone Hotel, it’s a memorable part of any guest’s stay at our central London hotel. To celebrate the iconic venue’s history and cultural prominence, we’ve been going behind the scenes with the people who work there. The latest interview in this mini-series inside the Royal Albert Hall is with the Education and Outreach Manager, Flo Schroeder.

What does each day involve for you at the Royal Albert Hall?

“I look after our programmes of work with school children, community groups, young people and families. We have a whole range of activities, which goes far beyond what appears on our main stage, giving people of all backgrounds a chance to engage with the Hall.”

What drew you to work at the Hall?

“My background is in classical music, so I started as a part-time steward during the Proms while I was still studying. It seemed like the ideal summer job, and basically, I never left.”

Inside the Royal Albert Hall

What do you like most about being there?

“I love the fact that every day is different, and that everyone who works here is a part of the big family here.”

What makes the venue so unique?

“The huge array of events that have taken place at the Hall means that it has a truly unique history; I am still learning lots of new stories about the amazing things that have happened here. The building itself, and particularly the auditorium, has an incredible atmosphere that I really don’t think exists anywhere else.”

Inside the Royal Albert Hall

What past events have made the biggest impression on you?

“I’ve been really lucky to have seen some amazing shows here; The Killers, Skyfall Premiere, Coldplay, and Interstellar Live were some of my favourites.”

What future events are you most looking forward to?

“I’m looking forward to Paul Simon coming here later this year, and I also have tickets for Jurassic Park in Concert, which will have a live orchestra.”

Inside the Royal Albert Hall

What do you like most about the Royal Albert Hall’s London neighbourhood?

“We are really lucky to have Hyde Park on our doorstep, so I try to make the most of that when the weather permits. It is also a really culturally vibrant area, with museums close by and some great bars and restaurants.”

Guests at The Milestone Hotel can combine a show at this iconic venue, or a tour taking them further inside the Royal Albert Hall, with a sumptuous dining experience. Whether dining in the Oratory, Cheneston’s Restaurant, or privately, it’s sure to be a highlight of your stay.

Image credits: Cover photo of the Royal Albert Hall © iStock / karp85. Detail of the Royal Albert Hall © iStock / David Crespo Nieto. The Royal Albert Hall after dark © iStock / rolandnagy. Hyde Park © iStock / David Crespo Nieto. The Doorman at The Milestone Hotel © Red Carnation Hotels.

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