From London to Paris – Going the extra mile!


Enter London to Paris Hospitality Action...The 100 mile club!


As many of you will know, at Red Carnation we love to take on a challenge, especially for charity. After sending two teams up the three peaks in the past two years, we thought we would do something a bit different this year. Enter London to Paris Hospitality Action…The 100 mile club!

Run by Hospitality Action, participants left London on the 4th October and cycled through the British countryside before crossing over the channel and arriving in France at the Eiffel Tower on the 7th October. Sounds tough? Yes we think so, that’s an incredible 234 miles in three days.

However, the hospitality industry (and especially Red Carnation) is well known for going that extra mile and there was a team (some would suggest instigated by our Managing Director, Jonathan Raggett) who were looking for even more of a challenge. Enter the birth of the 100 mile club. By taking a slightly more ‘scenic’ route the team managed to cover 100 miles per day, taking their final trip to just over 300 miles!!

The 100 mile team

The 100 mile team from the left; Gareth Sefton, Independent Kitchen Design Consultant, Jonathan Raggett, Managing Director of Red Carnation Hotels, Geoffrey Wild, Deputy General Manager at The Milestone Hotel, Danny Pecorelli owner of Exclusive Hotels, Andrew  Payne (aka The Ironman!) our guide, Gregor Ritchie Head of Consultancy at Exclusive Hotels, Andrew Stembridge Managing Director of Chewton Glen and Chairman of the Master Inn Holders and Oliver Raggett, General Manager of The Chesterfield Mayfair.

Some comedy moments (we won’t say who) included one gent falling off his bike – whilst stationary! Another of the team lent a helping hand to change a back wheel, only to put it back on the wrong way around, needless to say he wasn’t asked to help again. And, of course the moment when you forget you’re in France not England as you turn into oncoming traffic and some poor horse almost gets shot out of his trailer as the brakes screech! Finally, there’s nothing worse than struggling up a half mile long hill and finally reaching the top only to be told… “oops, sorry we’ve gone the gone the wrong way” and that you have to climb the hill on the other side of town…!

We think from 234 to 300 plus miles, this is an incredible accomplishment for all the participants. And, we would like to extend a massive congratulations to all of the team who completed the challenge… You really have given a new meaning “to going the extra mile”.


For over 170 years Hospitality Action, the Hospitality Industry Benevolent Organisation, has offered vital assistance to all who work, or have worked within hospitality in the UK and who find themselves in crisis.


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