Stables Bar

An intimate and unique hideaway

Names can be deceiving. And that's certainly true of this Kensington hotel bar. Because although it’s called The Stables at the Milestone, it's not just a place to pass through on the way to somewhere else. This bar should be your ultimate destination.

Set in a Grade II listed building, the beautiful 17th century architecture and extensive drinks menu belies such a modest name. And it's the same for our signature cocktail: The Old Fashioned. Because really, it's anything but. We follow the traditional New Orleans recipe, but we've added something special at the start, and a theatrical twist at the end.


Rather than whisky straight from the bottle, ours has been barrel-aged for 60 days in Canadian maple syrup and vodka. And then there's a final flourish that elevates it from a drink to an experience – your cocktail is presented in a glass dome filled with shisha smoke, releasing hints of apple and orange when you lift the lid.

And we believe that commitment to exceeding expectations is also the secret to a truly great bar. The drink is undoubtedly at the heart of everything. Yet it's the extra touches – from enticing surroundings to world-class service – that really set it apart. That's The Milestone Stables, and that's The Milestone Old Fashioned.

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Opening Hours

Drinks: Served all day
Light menu: 10.00am - 11.00pm


Telephone: +44 (0)20 7917 1000

Food & Beverage Operations Manager: Grant Cockburn

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"Only using the finest quality of fresh ingredients, and a passion for fine British cookery, our aim is to provide guests with memorable experiences - from fine dining to Afternoon Tea, to picnics in the park." 


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