The Park Lounge

Pleasurable afternoons at leisure

The Park Lounge, with its views across to Kensington Gardens, open fireplace and 'sink and stay' armchairs, is a warm and cosy retreat, perfect for indulging in a delicious Afternoon Tea.

This is where the Knightsbridge shoppers gather by the fireside to enjoy the grandest of teas, sip on a glass of Champagne and idle the afternoon away in idyllic surroundings.

At other times of the day guests can relax in the lounge with a good book accompanied by a fine beverage, as well as meet with friends, family and colleagues.

Sample Menus

Opening Hours

Drinks: Served all day
Afternoon Tea: 1pm until 5pm daily


Telephone: +44 (0)20 7917 1000

Food & Beverage Operations Manager: Grant Cockburn


"Only using the finest quality of fresh ingredients, and a passion for fine British cookery, our aim is to provide guests with memorable experiences - from fine dining to Afternoon Tea, to picnics in the park." 


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