Six top wellness trends for 2018


Our well-being is an issue that’s of growing importance, let the new year be a chance to focus on that. 


A new year always brings with it a fresh set of wellness trends, and whilst some can be short lived, others are a useful tool for health and happiness in the year ahead and beyond. The Milestone Hotel is committed to boosting the wellbeing of its guests, offering in-room beauty treatments as well as a resistance plunge pool and exercise studio. From infrared saunas to digital detoxes, start the new year afresh with our round up of top wellness trends.

Wellness Architecture

An issue that’s of growing importance for hotels and travel companies, wellness architecture means creating a space that’s not only pleasing to look at but is also built with the needs of its inhabitants in mind. This means focusing on designs that combine comfort and functionality with sustainability, such as the living wall at The Rubens at the Palace, which – at 350 square metres –  is one of London’s largest and most environmentally friendly structures.


Taken from Japanese culture, wabi-sabi means accepting a world that’s imperfect and fleeting .When applied to wellness, this means that, instead of holding ourselves to unrealistic standards, we can accept the imperfections and flaws in every aspect of life and embrace the beauty of the naturally imperfect. Originally applied to aesthetics, it’s a useful tool for accepting things as they are, and taking pleasure in simple moments.

Wellness Trends 2018

Silent retreats

In a world that’s increasingly full of noise – whether that’s the hum of city life or the beeping of a technological device – silence is becoming more and more precious. Enter the silent spa retreat, where guests can enjoy guided meditations, yoga and picturesque walks, all whilst appreciating the unspoilt peace and quiet.

Digital detox

Already well established, the popularity of digital detoxes continues to grow as a top wellness trend for 2018. Championing the motto ‘disconnect to reconnect,’ digital detoxes involve taking a break from our mobile phones and other electronic devices, and is said to have noticeable benefits to mental health such as decreased stress and anxiety.

Wellness Trends 2018


Mindfulness has been a wellness buzzword for some time, and the cleverly phrased ‘kindfulness,’ is an extension of this principle, with the aim of encouraging people to practice kindness to both themselves and others. In the hustle and bustle of daily life, it’s easy to forget to practice small acts of kindness, whether that’s thanking a stranger for opening a door or calling a friend to see how they are. Taking a moment to be kind is an easy step towards improving our own wellbeing as well as that of others.

Infrared Saunas

Saunas are a historic wellness tool, but 2018 is set to be the year of the infrared sauna. These high-tech saunas work by using a heat wave that raises the body’s core temperature and operate at a lower temperature than the traditional sauna. The result is a host of wellness boosting benefits including relief for aching muscles and joints and destressing effects.

Wellness Trends 2018

Make the most of London’s scenery and clear you head at the same time by taking a jog or walk in Hyde Park, close to The Milestone Hotel. The hotel also offers a map and tips for joggers.

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