Art Deco Afternoon Tea


Launching 9th March, return to the roaring 20’s with our new Art Deco inspired Afternoon Tea experience.


9th March onward

Return to the roaring 20’s with an Art Deco inspired Afternoon Tea experience. 

Feast on a decadent selection of hand-crafted pastries, referencing five of our newly designed and stunning suites at the Milestone. Our pastries will include a Salted Pistachio Cube, paying homage to our beautifully designed Hermes Suite. The glamorous spirit of this Suite is superbly recreated with an intricate colour scheme and a strong resemblance to the iconic bronze four poster bed in the room.

The Ruhlmann Suite, our newest suite, is represented with a Caramelia Chocolate Dome, using the finest Valrhona chocolate. Inspired by the work of renowned French Art Deco artist Emile-Jacques Ruhlmann, the suite is pure Art Deco and our pastry is as delicious as it looks. Other themed pastries include the intricate design of a Grape and Champagne Tartlet which mirrors perfectly the iconic symmetrical patterns of the famous Art Deco period.

Vegetarian/Vegan and Gluten-Free alternatives are available. 

Price: £55 per person 
With a glass of Champagne: £65 per person
With a glass Gold Label Champagne: £75 per person
With a bottle of Champagne: £130 per couple
With a bottle of Rosé Champagne: £130 per couple
With a half bottle of Ruinart Blanc de Blanc Champagne: £135 per couple


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