The Milestone and weddings were made for each other. Ours is the perfect venue for an intimate event set in an ambiance of traditional British style and service, with an expert team of chefs, sommeliers, waiting staff and event organisers to put your mind at ease and prepare and present the happiest day of your life.

Every aspect of your wedding will be attended to with skill, style, and subtlety. The elegant and romantic Victorian magnificence of the hotel lends itself superbly to such events, its public areas decorated with fine ornaments and antiques which can be further dressed with professional floral displays matching the colours of the wedding party. Your choice of table dressings, menu and wines is equally important; we can cater for all tastes, and offer an extensive selection of fine wines and champagnes to complement the exquisite cuisine.

Above all, you can rely on our experience and understanding of the importance of your wedding to ensure that this is a day that will be warmly remembered by everyone present.

Please contact us for further information on our wedding packages.