About Afternoon Tea

The History of Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea as a specific meal did not evolve until the beginning of the nineteenth century, although the drink had been popular since its introduction in 1559. Anna, Duchess of Bedford, invented the meal to provide some welcome sustenance between early luncheon and late dinner.

As time progressed, it became a meal surrounded by etiquette and very strange customs for the time; silver teapots, delicate china, cake stands and starched napkins. The heyday of Afternoon Tea was in the days of the British Empire when the “Sahib” and his family, having taken early luncheon, would have to wait until the cool of the late evening to take dinner. Afternoon Tea once again filled the gap and when they returned home, they brought the ceremony back home with them. It was at this point that the fashionable hotels took whole heartedly to the serving of traditional Afternoon and Devonshire Cream Teas.

Queen Victoria engaged in the ritual of Afternoon Tea which led to its popularity on a larger scale.

The Tea Guild

The Milestone Hotel is a member of The Tea Guild, which is a prestigious and unique organisation that represents establishments dedicated to brewing and serving tea to the high standards desired by the United Kingdom Tea Council. We are very proud to have received a special 'Award of Excellence' from the UK Tea Council in recognition of outstanding quality and consistently high standards of tea service.

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