Health & Fitness


The hotel provides complimentary gym, sauna and resistance swimming pool facilities on site and is open to residents only.

Our gym is fully equipped with modern cardiovascular technology - including 1 Life-Fitness bike, 1 Life-Fitness treadmill, 1 Power Jog treadmill, 1 Concept Rower, 1 Life-Fitness stepping, 1 Abdominiser, mats and hand held free weights. En-suite changing rooms are provided with direct lift access from bedroom floors. The gym is located in a tranquil setting with fresh fruit, mineral water and magazines available. Pilates sessions can also be arrange in the Gym or in the privacy of some of our larger suites.

For solitary meditation and relaxation we can arrange an in-room yoga instructor or provide you with a yoga mat and exercise video for your convenience.

With the addition of the Resistance Pool, you can now exercise easily in the water.  By swimming against a current generated by the pool itself, you can travel distances or measure your laps without actually moving too far but with all the same benefits. The pool is decorated with glass tiles and floor to ceiling glass screen partitions to ensure environmental controls and maintain a constant temperature.

Jogging maps are available from Concierge around Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park directly opposite the hotel.

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