Visions in Colour exhibition

  • Category: Art & Culture
  • Dates: Friday, 25 April 2014 to Friday, 13 June 2014

Leighton House Museum is currently playing host to an extraordinary exhibition that sees the paintings of Jamaican-born artist Rudi Patterson take centre-stage where they belong, but hurry - it's only there until June 13th.

Emerald green palm trees blowing out towards the sea, their leaves just lifting as the gale threatens to tear them from the ground. Flowers of all colours spring from the ground, dwarfing the buildings around them.

Such scenes are crafted with a vibrancy that casts the world into a completely new light, and you'll be looking through Mr Patterson's rose-tinted spectacles long after you've left the venue, such is the way his work stays with you.

It is perhaps his scenes of London, however, that will communicate best with visitors to our fine city. Complement your visit with a stay at The Milestone Hotel.

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