Celebrate bonfire night at Alexandra Palace

  • Category: Art & Culture
  • Date: Monday, 01 January 0001

Alexandra Palace will be setting the night sky ablaze for this year's bonfire night, with a whole host of events including an awe-inspiring firework display on November 2nd.

Indeed, critics are promising an even more grandiose event than usual as the nationally-renowned entertainment venue has not celebrated the date of Guy Fawkes' arrest since 2009.

Children and adults alike are sure to enjoy the winter festival, complete with carousels, a helter skelter and an ice-skating rink, as well as rows and rows of stalls for those who fancy a spot of early Christmas shopping.

Bavarian food and world-class beer will also be provided by the German Bier Festival, which will be taking place at the venue all day.

However, despite the plethora of attractions on offer, it's the fireworks that everyone is waiting for, with the organisers promising a spectacular night of bangs, sparks and explosions to please even the most avid enthusiast.

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