War Horse puppet takes up residency at V&A

  • Category: Music & Theatre
  • Dates: Saturday, 26 October 2013 to Monday, 27 October 2014

The original star of smash-hit West End show War Horse will soon be taking up residency at the V&A Museum, as a special exhibit about puppetry.

Joey, the main equine character, is manipulated throughout the show both as a fully grown stallion and a young foal by three puppeteers, who do an incredible job of transforming the plywood and frame constructs into a living, breathing creature.

The show, currently playing at the New London Theatre in the West End and about to embark on a UK tour, donated its original Joey to the V&A Museum in West London, close to The Milestone Hotel, so that visitors could understand how the show's puppets function.

War Horse has been playing in the UK since 2008. A touching story about a young boy who sets off to war in order to find his horse, it has since crossed the pond to Broadway and will shortly open its first foreign language production in Germany.

As well as having the privilege of meeting Joey himself, visitors will be treated to interviews from the show's creative team via an iPad, as well as spellbinding footage from the original production.

Adrian Kohler and Basil Jones of the Handspring Puppet Company which designed Joey, explained their reasons for retiring him to the V&A Museum.

"Ever since we first started visiting the V&A in our late teens, it has been a source of inspiration to us as artists. How wonderful that something Handspring has created will now become a source of inspiration for a new generation.

"We are delighted and feel hugely honoured that Joey will have a permanent home in this great institution."

Those wishing to meet Joey can do so free of charge from 10am at the museum every day. Book into The Milestone for easy accessibility, and be sure to take advantage of the Pampered Pet offer if you have brought your own four-legged friend to see London.