Family-friendly London

  • Category: Family Fun
  • Date: Monday, 01 January 0001

London has secured the Best City accolade by the Anholt-GFK City Brands Index, and quite right too. This marvellous city has got plenty going for it, and if you book into the Milestone Hotel, you can see it all. Situated on the edge of Hyde Park, you will see both sides of the city - the natural beauty and tidy rows of residential constructs, contrasted starkly against the gritty houses and splendid buildings that make the metropolis so charismatic.

In particular, there are few places that are better to spend a family event, with a plethora of attractions available that appeal to all ages. Ensure you get the family-friendly touches you deserve with our specially tailored package - the perfect accompaniment to some of London's highlights below.

London Dungeons

A spooktacular experience that is as educational as it is enjoyable, all children will enjoy the macabre mix of audience participation and theme park-style thrills. Learn about the impact of the bubonic plague, the possible identities of Jack the Ripper and the legend of Sweeney Todd.

London Zoo

Get over to London Zoo and witness one of the most diverse menageries in the world. From the cute and fluffy to the frighteningly fascinating, there is plenty to discover here as you make your way around the extensive pathways. It is particularly thrilling to see the big cats stalking their territory, or the gorillas scrunching up their faces in human-like expressions.

Harry Potter Experience

For a full-on day out of magic, wizardry and witchcraft, visit the Harry Potter experience, which features film sets and props from the popular Warner Brothers adaptation. Among the many artefacts on display, you'll notice the mechanical door from the Chamber of Secrets, Harry's wand and even a Nimbus 2000 broomstick. Explore Diagon Alley and drink Butterbeer in the Hog's Head.